THREE OPEN POSITIONS (Updated Sep. 2017)

For all of the positions below, please e-mail; collaborators may also be approached, where indicated.  All positions require significant experience with programming and with academic research environments, and will involve significant interaction with the BICV group and collaborators, where indicated.

Position 1: DL for Predictive Modelling    We currently have a two-year open research position in the area of applying deep machine learning to accelerate predictive modelling for healthcare.  If you have experience in deep learning or a related topic (e.g. computer vision might be one relevant form of experience, and so might computational modelling) then get in touch. Experience with deep learning is preferrable, but not essential. [Position filled]

Position 2: Measuring Human Performance   In collaboration with the Royal College of Music, we have an 18 month position around the design and application of computer vision and analytic techniques to characterise the performance of elite musicians. These systems are intended for a variety of purposes, and funded through the European TELMI Project.  Experience with techniques of video-based motion analysis and real-time data processing is essential.  Please contact Dr George Waddell ( with informal enquiries related to the goals of the TEMLI project, and for informal queries regarding aspects related to computer vision. [Position filled]

Position 3: Clinical Diagnosis of Vertigo  In collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine, we are seeking a Research Fellow to work on a 1 year project on applying machine learning and customised data acquisition to improve the reliability of diagnosis for patients who present with vertigo. This project combines experimental design with appropriate machine learning techniques. For questions on the clinical aims of this project, please contact Dr Barry Seemungal ( ) with informal enquiries.

Research Studentships (PhD)

We are sometimes able to put candidates forward for Imperial College, EPSRC or Departmental studentships. If you would like to be considered for one of these forms of funded research studentships, leading towards a PhD, drop us a line.

If you are working in a company and want to do a PhD in the area of processing visual data, get in touch so that we can explore funding options.