Picture This…

Picture This…  is a research network led by a group of Universities with the aim of unlocking the potential of mobile devices to be used as an aid for the blind and visually impaired. It seeks to do this by bringing together academics and industry to generate new ideas, identify research topics, and address technical challenges that are specific to blind and partially-sighted users.
Broadly, 5 main themes have been identified as key areas for the ICT/engineering research communities:
  • A:  Energy Efficient Streamed Visual Processing
  • B: Predictive Caching for Low-Latency Pattern Recognition
  • C: Security @ Source – Obtaining reliable multimedia data from the crowd
  • D: Navigation in Public and Private Spaces
  • E: Translating the Visual World

For more details on each of these themes, see the Picture This… network web page. Despite the fact that Picture This… is but at an early stage of development, there are components that are beginning to work, and there is growing momentum behind a network of academics who are interested in working on making the vision a reality.

One of the projects currently being developed is the following prototype of navigation by visual cues:

About this video…

Picture This – Take 1 Network Day Took place on 30th March, 2012 at Imperial College. Around 60 people registered. The outcomes of the day were very positive in terms of identifying strong requirements from the Blind and Partially Sighted (BPS) Community.

One of the most significant areas of need to emerge is for navigation devices that work seamlessly from outdoors to indoors.

We identified a number of academics developing components or assistive devices for navigation, and a number of gaps in performance that require research, development and translation.

Presentations from the Picture This… day are available here.

For more information, to learn about the outcomes of this day, or to join the network, contact the PT network co-ordinator:

a.bharath@imperial.ac.uk or picturethisnetwork@gmail.com